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Mar, 2014

Share your photos with TYSA

We all love to see pictures of our kids practicing and playing on our fields.   Last year, TYSA introduced a club-wide photo and video program to make it easier to share those images with your teammates and the rest of the club. 

The TYSA photoshare project allows all of us to share our photos and videos with our teammates, family and friends by uploading them to one central location.  The system accepts photos of any size and format, and videos of up to 90 seconds in length. 

There will be awards and recognition each week for the best submissions, and with luck, maybe your child’s team will be featured in a weekly TYSA highlight video.  But to keep all of this rolling, TYSA needs your submissions.   

When you walk around our fields, you see dozens of parents walking around with high-end cameras, and hundreds more holding up smartphones – and even a few tablets.  During the course of the season, all of you will capture at least one memorable moment of your child, and likely a few more of other people’s kids as well

... Because there’s always another kid in the picture.   

By sharing
 your photos with the club, those images get shared with parents who would otherwise never see them – and you’ll see more photos of your child as well.  It’s a win / win for everyone involved.

You can access the photoshare by clicking on the PHOTO & VIDEO link on the TYSA main page, by clicking HERE, or by joining the TYSA group on  You can upload photos & videos to the photoshare by adding them to group TYSA on upload, or by emailing them to  Submissions are moderated, so it may take a few hours for them to appear in the pool.

The system is easy to use, allowing you to log in with either a Yahoo, Facebook, or Google account, but just in case you have any problems, there are detailed instructions at the bottom of the page.

So the next time you go to a practice or a game, grab your camera – or just grab your phone, and support your local soccer club.  

If you have any questions or comments, or just want to help out with this exciting new project, drop us a line at


From the homepage, click on the PHOTO & VIDEO link on the right side of the page.  This should take you to the TYSA photoshare page.

Click on the word UPLOAD on the upper right corner

Sign in with your Yahoo, Facebook or Google UserID, or create a new Yahoo account.

Select your flickr screen name

Click on GROUPS in the top menu bar, and select SEARCH GROUPS.  Type TYSA into the search bar.  You should see the Triumph Logo and a description of our group.  Click the link that says JOIN?  When asked, click the link that says JOIN THIS GROUP.

From there, it's simple.  Just click the link in the top menu bar that says UPLOAD, which will open a blank screen where you can drag & drop all the photos and videos from your practices, games and tournaments.  After you've finished adding your images, highlight them all (look for the pink border) and go to the menu on the left. 

To share your images with the club, click on the label ADD TO GROUPS.  This should bring up a menu of all the groups you are currently a member of - specifically the TYSA group.  Click on TYSA, and click DONE.

While you're there, you can add tags, such as U6, U10, U12 which will allow your photos to be identified by age group, or tags like Academy, Select, or AJr.  Please always remember to add a TYSA tag to your photos.

You can also create sets of photos, which I often use to identify individual teams, games & dates. They are great for organization and sharing links, but they are also limited to a single user, which is why we share everything with the main TYSA group.

REMEMBER that all submissions to the group have to be approved by a moderator.  It may take a few hours before your photos are visible to the TYSA community.

IF you have any trouble uploading your photos or videos through the flickr interface, just email them to .  We'll be happy to post them for you.