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May, 2014

Rainout Make-up Schedules Posted


We've updated the U-12 through U-6 schedules to account for the games we missed due to rain. To make this work, most teams will have a make-up game the afternoon of Sunday, May 4th.  In addition, every team will have at least one make-up game scheduled on their regular practice night.These games are to be played just like regular games - with uniforms, snacks & hoopla.  Let's try to give our kids the same experience they would get on a Saturday morning.

To make this work - and to avoid scheduling games on Mother's Day - some teams will play their games later than their usual practice times. In order to keep the teams evenly matched, and because there are an odd number of teams practicing on several nights, some teams will play two weeknight games - effectively giving them an extra game.Please understand that this is the only way we can ensure that EVERY team gets at least two competitive make-up games.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you on the fields soon.

Links to weekday make-up schedules

Under Six
Under Eight
Under Ten
Under 12

The combined list for all age groups U12-U6 is listed below.