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May, 2014

Summer League Registration is OPEN

TYSA is proud to introduce something brand-new to the Atlanta area - A Summer Youth Soccer league under the lights.

TYSA’s summer league is all about having fun with your friends, while maintaining the soccer skills you learned during the spring & fall. Games will be played in the early evening when it’s cool, starting no earlier than 6pm for our youngest players and going no later than 10 for our oldest kids

  • Games will be played on Thursday nights
  • We will play a shortened 6-week season          
  • No practices - only games        
  • All games will be played in the early evening when it's cooler 
  • Limited coaching to allow our players to develop better decision making skills 
  • Build your own teams - play with your friends

While we will have organized teams, we will not draft.  Parents & players are urged to self-select and form their own teams.  Since there are no practice conflicts to resolve, let us know who you want to play with and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.  All summer league teams will be co-ed, and empty slots on teams will be filled with available players.

This is not a program for kids new to the game.  Unlike our regular season programs, there will be no practices and little to no teaching.   Coaching from the sidelines will be discouraged for teams above U8, giving our kids the chance to start making their own decisions on the field.

Due to time & space restrictions, we will be playing small sided soccer above U10 (with referees for U8 and above).  All players will remain in the age group they played in the spring season.

Under-Six                   3v3                     max 6 per team              $60 
Under-Eight                4v4+Keeper       max 8 per team              $70 
Under-Ten and up       5v5+Keeper       max 9 per team              $70 

Players can play in their current TYSA gear, or you can purchase a TYSA Summer League T-Shirt set (one green, one white) for $12.  

To protect our fields this summer, we’re asking everyone to leave their cleats at home. We’ll be playing in tennis shoes or turf shoes instead. 

REGISTRATION FOR THIS PROGRAM WILL BE LIMITED:  We simply cannot accommodate the entire club during a four hour window.  If you want to play, please sign up today.

For more information about this exciting new program, please email club administrator 
Terry Joyner or call her at 404-984-7665.


  • This is a completely new concept for our area, and we will almost certainly encounter unforeseen circumstances which will require us to tweak details throughout the season.   We ask for your patience and your input as we work to develop this exciting new league.

  • There will be no make-ups for rainouts, nor refunds for any games not played.
  • NO CLEATS – TYSA spends a small fortune each summer on sod & turf repair.  To make sure that our fields are in the bst shape they can be for our fall season, we’re asking everyone to play in either turf shoes or tennis shoes this summer.
  • For insurance purposes, any child that did not play with TYSA or another Georgia Soccer affiliated club in the spring must pay a $25 surcharge.
  • This is a summer league designed around FUN – not hardcore competition.  TYSA reserves the right to modify teams and / or the rules of competition to balance the teams out and ensure that everyone has a good time.
  • It’s possible that not every age group will generate enough teams to create a workable division.  In that event, TYSA reserves the right to convert the format for that age group to 3v3, merge multiple age groups, or close that division altogether.  In the event that a division does not make, TYSA will either refund your fee or apply that amount to your fall registration.