Fall 2016 Game Schedules

Please note that all games are subject to change. Always confirm with your coach.
We ask that all parents sign up for field status notifications at RAINED OUT.

REC & U7 Academy Jr: 
is listed first and wears GREEN.
is listed second and wears WHITE (or GOLD, in the case of Academy Jr)

Tiny Tykes - 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 sessions will meet on Field 4A each week.  9:30 and 10:30 sessions will be held on Field 4B

U5 and U6 fall schedule  (Team Schillig - please refer to "U6 Davis")

U8 BOYS fall schedule (includes U7 AJr)
U8 GIRLS fall schedule

U10 BOYS Fall Tournament: Nov 5
U10 GIRLS Fall Tournament: Nov 5

U12 BOYS Fall Tournament: Nov 5

U12 GIRLS Fall Tournament: Nov 5

U14B BLACK /  Mansfield schedule

U14B GOLD / Lutz-Furr schedule
U14B GREEN / Foley-Habibovic schedule
U14B GREY / Martinez-Vidal schedule
U14B WHITE / Pompilio schedule

U14G GOLD / Fernandez schedule
U14G GREEN / Weathersby schedule

U16B GOLD / Skelton schedule

U16B GREEN / Owen schedule
U16 GIRLS fall schedule

U19 BOYS fall schedule
U19 GIRLS fall schedule


ACADEMY fall schedule
U13 SELECT fall schedule
U17 SELECT fall schedule
U18 SELECT fall schedule