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Triumph Academy & Select
Supplemental Tryouts
June 23 & 25

Are you ready to take the next step?

Our Academy & Select program offers professional training
to help advance your child's level of play.
Come check it out!

U10 GIRLS / 5:45 pm
U11 GIRLS / 5:45 pm

U12 BOYS / 5:30 pm
U13 BOYS / 7:00 pm
U14 BOYS / 7:00 pm

No pre-registration required.
You are welcome to attend either night.
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your time slot
and bring a ball, water bottle and mask.

4670 Granite Drive, Tucker

The Triumph Academy Way!
The mission of Triumph Soccer Academy is to develop players' mind, body and character through a professional and organized, content-rich curriculum that emphasizes the “four pillars of soccer,” (technical, tactical, physical and mental components of every soccer player), as well as leadership qualities, founded on techniques that are known to be successful around the world.Triumph’s practice sessions offer creative and challenging soccer activities and low player-to-professional coach/trainer ratios. For each training session, the material and objectives pursued on the soccer field are guided by a variety of standards modeled by United States Soccer Federation and the Olympic Development Program. All teams will be taught to play with a style that eliminates kick ball, and focuses on a fluid style of possession. Our goal will promote confidence in players by giving them the freedom to not be afraid to make mistakes.

What is the Triumph Academy?

Triumph Soccer Academy Program is open to all qualifying players from the ages of U9-U12. The Academy Program is aimed towards players that are looking for a challenging, positive experience, while tapping into their full potential. The Triumph Academy prepares players with the necessary tools to potentially play in the following programs.

  1. Triumph Select Program.
  2. Olympic Development Program.
  3. High School Programs.
  4. College Programs.
  5. Professional Programs.

Who can participate in the Academy?
Boys and Girls whose birthday is within the specified time periods are eligible to play U9, U10, U11, and U12 Triumph Academy Soccer.
Age Groups for the 2020-21 season:

  • Under 9    : birth year 2012
  • Under 10  : birth year 2011
  • Under 11  : birth year 2010
  • Under 12  : birth year 2009

When do the players practice and play games?
The Triumph Academy is an 8 month program, which is comprised of a fall and spring season.

  • Fall season training starts at the beginning of August and ends the last week in November.
  • Spring season training starts the first week of February and ends in the middle of May.
  • Each team will practice for a 1 ½ hour, twice a week. Games are played on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons.

Where do the teams practice and play games?
Practice and home games will be held at Granite Complex. Game schedules will be coordinated through the Executive Director and travel will be minimized to the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas.

How much does it cost to participate?

U9 thru U12 is $1550. This includes:
Fall and Spring Training (2x week, plus optional Friday clinics)
4 tournaments: 2 fall and 2 spring (travel expenses not included)
Winter Training
Uniforms remain a separate cost.
A payment plan is available*.

*Payment plans have an additional one-time fee of $20.
Registration fees will be refunded if we are unable to kick off the Fall 2020 season. Once practices begin, no refunds will be issued (see Season Waiver upon registration for full details).

A few highlights of the Triumph Academy!

  • Curriculum focused on developing  the "four pillars" of the game, technical, tactical, physical and mental.
  • A club uniformed style of play that helps players better understand positional roles and responsibilities.
  • Professional training.
  • Identify players for the Select Program & Olympic Development Program.
  • All players will be evaluated for the purpose of placing them in the appropriate developmental program.
  • Individual post-season evaluations (fall/spring).
  • Friday night Ball Mastery and Goalkeeper Clinics.
  • Competitive games played on the weekend.
  • Teams will travel and participate in tournaments.

What are some of the differences between Academy and Recreational soccer?

Academy Soccer

  • The demands and expectations for the players in the Academy Program are much higher
  • Professional and experienced coaching
  • Age appropriate curriculum
  • Structured playing style throughout the Academy Program
  • Defined system of play
  • Compete against other clubs for the pride of Triumph
  • Opportunity to play Academy State Cup at the Under-12 level
  • Players can be moved up or down, depending on their ability level, their rate of development and their commitment level

Recreational Soccer

  • Players are placed on a team on a first come first served basis
  • Parent volunteer coaching
  • Competing in-house games

Is there opportunity for teams to play to tournaments?
Tournament play is expected and some tournaments are mandatory.

Information about our new line of uniforms can be found on our Uniform Kit page.  Please contact a Lloyd's Soccer Team Representative if you have specific questions about the ordering process and sizing.


Tryout Registration: No fees are applied unless a player is accepted to a team.

Academy 2020/2021

U9 Academy Boys

U10 Academy Boys

U10 Academy Girls

U11 Academy Boys

U11 Academy Girls

U12 Academy Boys

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