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2020 Futsal Schedule

Week 2 Date Time Age Home Away Venue
Sat 18-Jan 11.00am U12 Anand Dawson FBCT
Sat 18-Jan 12.00pm U12 Pierson Zhai FBCT
Sat 18-Jan 1.00pm U8 Davidson (Man Utd) Howard FBCT
Sat 18-Jan 2.00pm U8 Davidson (Man Utd) Lindemann (Liverpool)
Sat 18-Jan 3.00pm U10 Hermann Amaya FBCT
Sat 18-Jan 4.00pm U10 Kirouac Bacik FBCT
Sat 18-Jan 5.00pm U10 Smith Waters FBCT
Sat 18-Jan 6.00pm U10 Bratz Flower FBCT
Sat 18-Jan 7.00pm U15 Ellerman Flower FBCT

Sun 19-Jan 12.30pm U6 Kirouac Millican
Sun 19-Jan 1.15pm U6 Willett (Real Madrid) Fitzpatrick FBCT
Sun 19-Jan 2.00pm U12 ATL UTD Olesen FBCT
Sun 19-Jan 3.00pm U15 Olesen Fondu FBCT
Sun 19-Jan 4.00pm U12 Boyce Fondu FBCT
Sun 19-Jan 5.00pm U15 Lewis Allison FBCT
Sun 19-Jan 6.00pm U15 Meadows Kupronis FBCT

Week 3 Date Time Age Home Away Venue
Sat 25-Jan 11.00am U12 Dawson Zhai FBCT
Sat 25-Jan 12.00pm U12 Anand Olesen FBCT
Sat 25-Jan 1.00pm U15 Meadows Olesen FBCT
Sat 25-Jan 2.00pm U15 Kupronis Ellerman FBCT
Sat 25-Jan 3.00pm U15 Lewis Flower FBCT
Sat 25-Jan 4.00pm U10 Flower Hermann FBCT
Sat 25-Jan 5.00pm U10 Bacik Smith FBCT
Sat 25-Jan 6.00pm U10 Amaya Bratz FBCT
Sat 25-Jan 7.00pm U12 Boyce ATL UTD FBCT

Sun 26-Jan 12.30pm U6 Fitzpatrick Millican FBCT
Sun 26-Jan 1.15pm U6 Kirouac Willett FBCT
Sun 26-Jan 2.00pm U10 Waters Kirouac FBCT
Sun 26-Jan 3.00pm U8 Lindemann Davidson FBCT
Sun 26-Jan 4.00pm U8 Lindemann Howard FBCT
Sun 26-Jan 5.00pm U15 Allison Fondu FBCT
Sun 26-Jan 6.00pm U12 Pierson Fondu FBCT

Week 4 Date Time Age Home Away Venue
Sat 1-Feb 11.00am U15 Meadows Fondu FBCT
Sat 1-Feb 12.00pm U15 Flower Kupronis FBCT
Sat 1-Feb 1.00pm U15 Ellerman Allison FBCT
Sat 1-Feb 2.00pm U8 Howard Davidson FBCT
Sat 1-Feb 3.00pm U8 Howard Lindemann FBCT
Sat 1-Feb 4.00pm U10 Hermann Bacik FBCT
Sat 1-Feb 5.00pm U10 Kirouac Bratz FBCT
Sat 1-Feb 6.00pm U12 Zhai Olesen FBCT
Sat 1-Feb 7.00pm U15 Lewis Olesen FBCT

Sun 2-Feb 12.30pm U6 Kirouac Fitzpatrick FBCT
Sun 2-Feb 1.15pm U6 Willett Millican FBCT
Sun 2-Feb 2.00pm U12 Dawson Fondu FBCT
Sun 2-Feb 3.00pm U12 Boyce Pierson FBCT
Sun 2-Feb 4.00pm U12 Wright/Atl Utd Anand FBCT
Sun 2-Feb 5.00pm U10 Flower Smith FBCT
Sun 2-Feb 6.00pm U10 Waters Amaya FBCT

Week 5 Date Time Age Home Away Venue
Sat 8-Feb 11.00am U6 Willett Fitzpatrick FBCT
Sat 8-Feb 11.45pm U6 Kirouac Millican FBCT
Sat 8-Feb 12.30pm U10 Kirouac Hermann FBCT
Sat 8-Feb 1.30pm U10 Bratz Bacik FBCT
Sat 8-Feb 2.30pm U10 Smith Amaya FBCT
Sat 8-Feb 3.30pm U8 Davidson Howard FBCT
Sat 8-Feb 4.30pm U8 Davidson Lindemann FBCT
Sat 8-Feb 5.30pm U10 Flower Waters FBCT
Sat 8-Feb 6.30pm U15 Kupronis Lewis FBCT

Sun 9-Feb 12.30pm U12 Dawson Wright FBCT
Sun 9-Feb 1.30pm U12 Pierson Anand FBCT
Sun 9-Feb 2.30pm U15 Ellerman Meadows FBCT
Sun 9-Feb 3.30pm U12 Olesen Boyce FBCT
Sun 9-Feb 4.30pm U15 Olesen Allison FBCT
Sun 9-Feb 5.30pm U12 Fondu Zhai FBCT
Sun 9-Feb 6.30pm U15 Fondu Flower FBCT

Week 6 Date Time Age Home Away Venue
Sat 15-Feb 11.00am U6 Kirouac Willett FBCT
Sat 15-Feb 11.45am U6 Fitzpatrick Millican FBCT
Sat 15-Feb 12.30pm U12 #3 Anand #4 Zhai FBCT
Sat 15-Feb 1.30pm U10 #1 Smith #2 Kirouac FBCT
Sat 15-Feb 2.30pm U10 #7 Bratz #8 Hermann FBCT
Sat 15-Feb 3.30pm U12 #1 Boyce #1 Dawson FBCT
Sat 15-Feb 4.30pm U12 #5 Olesen #6 Fondu FBCT
Sat 15-Feb 5.30pm U15 #5 Kupronis #6 Olesen FBCT
Sat 15-Feb 6.30pm U15 #7 Lewis #8 Allison FBCT

Sun 16-Feb 12.30pm U12 #7 Wright #8 Pierson FBCT
Sun 16-Feb 1.30pm U10 #3 Waters #4 Amaya FBCT
Sun 16-Feb 2.30pm U10 #5 Bacik #6 Flower FBCT
Sun 16-Feb 3.30pm U8 Lindemann Davidson FBCT
Sun 16-Feb 4.30pm U8 Lindemann Howard FBCT
Sun 16-Feb 5.30pm U15 #3 Meadows #4 Fondu FBCT
Sun 16-Feb 6.30pm U15 #1 Flower #2 Ellerman FBCT


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