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2019 Futsal Schedule

Schedules are subject to change.

Week 1 Date Time Age Home Away Score
Week 4 Date Time Age Home Away Venue
Sat 5-Jan 11.00am U10 Zhai Fondu 7-7
Sat 26-Jan 11.00am U6 Howard Kuiper FBCT
Sat 5-Jan 12.00pm U6 Howard Davidson 10-2
Sat 26-Jan 11.45am U6 Howard Davidson FBCT
Sat 5-Jan 1.00pm U6 Howard Kuiper 4-4
Sat 26-Jan 12.30pm U8 Holmes Eaton FBCT
Sat 5-Jan 2.00pm U8 Holmes Eaton 3-2
Sat 26-Jan 1.30pm U8 Kirouac Smith FBCT
Sat 5-Jan 3.00pm U8 Smith Kirouac 2-6
Sat 26-Jan 2.30pm U12 Ataalsid Allison FBCT
Sat 5-Jan 4.00pm U10 Fergie FC Seskin 11-1
Sat 26-Jan 3.30pm U12 Olesen Meadows (U14) FBCT
Sat 5-Jan 5.00pm U14 Fondu Mason 9-2
Sat 26-Jan 4.30pm U10 Olesen Fondu FBCT
Sat 5-Jan 6.00pm U10 Braatz Hanus 3-3
Sat 26-Jan 5.30pm U10 Olesen Braatz FBCT

Sun 6-Jan 2.00pm U14 Meadows Kupronis 6-5
Sun 27-Jan 2.00pm U10 Fergie FC Zhai FBCT
Sun 6-Jan 3.00pm U10 Seskin Olesen 8-3
Sun 27-Jan 3.00pm U10 Seskin Hanus FBCT
Sun 6-Jan 4.00pm U12 Olesen Allison 11-1
Sun 27-Jan 4.00pm U14 Meadows Fondu FBCT
Sun 6-Jan 5.00pm U12 Ataalsid Allison 5-7
Sun 27-Jan 5.00pm U14 Cooper Mason FBCT
Sun 6-Jan 6.00pm U14 Cooper Lewis 18-1
Sun 27-Jan 6.00pm U14 Cooper Kupronis FBCT

Week 2 Date Time Age Home Away Score
Week 5 Date Time Age Home Away Venue
Sat 12-Jan 11.00am U8 Holmes Kirouac 0-15
Sat 2-Feb 11.00am U8 Smith Kirouac FBCT
Sat 12-Jan 12.00pm U8 Eaton Smith 1-14
Sat 2-Feb 12.00pm U8 Holmes Eaton FBCT
Sat 12-Jan 1.00pm U12 Ataalsid Allison 1-9
Sat 2-Feb 1.00pm U14 Lewis Fondu FBCT
Sat 12-Jan 2.00pm U12 Ataalsid Olesen 2-12
Sat 2-Feb 2.00pm U10 Fergie FC Fondu FBCT
Sat 12-Jan 3.00pm U10 Hanus Olesen 2-12
Sat 2-Feb 3.00pm U10 Fergie FC Braatz FBCT
Sat 12-Jan 4.00pm U10 Hanus Fergie FC 1-10
Sat 2-Feb 4.00pm U14 Lewis Meadows FBCT
Sat 12-Jan 5.00pm U10 Braatz Zhai 2-11
Sat 2-Feb 5.00pm U10 Hanus Fondu FBCT

Sat 2-Feb 6.00pm U10 Olesen Zhai FBCT

Sun 13-Jan 2.00pm U6 Kuiper Davidson 6-2
Sun 3-Feb 2.00pm U6 Kuiper Howard FBCT
Sun 13-Jan 2.45pm U6 Kuiper Howard 8-5
Sun 3-Feb 2.45pm U6 Kuiper Davidson FBCT
Sun 13-Jan 3.30pm U14 Cooper Fondu 15-1
Sun 3-Feb 3.30pm U14 Mason Kupronis FBCT
Sun 13-Jan 4.30pm U10 Fondu Seskin 10-1
Sun 3-Feb 4.30pm U12 Ataalsid Zhai (U10) FBCT
Sun 13-Jan 5.30pm U14 Meadows Mason 15-1
Sun 3-Feb 5.30pm U12 Allison Fondu (U10) FBCT
Sun 13-Jan 6.30pm U14 Kupronis Lewis 7-3
Sun 3-Feb 6.30pm U12/14 Olesen Cooper (U14) FBCT

Week 3 Date Time Age Home Away Venue
Week 6 Date Time Age Home Away Venue
Sat 19-Jan 11.00am U10 Fergie FC Olesen 12-2
Sat 9-Feb 11.00am U8 Eaton Holmes FBCT
Sat 19-Jan 12.00pm U12 Ataalsid Olesen 2-12
Sat 9-Feb 12.00pm U8 Kirouac Smith FBCT
Sat 19-Jan 1.00pm U12 Allison Olesen 3-12
Sat 9-Feb 1.00pm U10 #1 #2 FBCT
Sat 19-Jan 2.00pm U10 Zhai Hanus 10-2
Sat 9-Feb 2.00pm U10 #3 #4 FBCT
Sat 19-Jan 3.00pm U10 Zhai Seskin 10-4
Sat 9-Feb 3.00pm U10 #6 #7 FBCT
Sat 19-Jan 4.00pm U14 Mason Lewis 6-9
Sat 9-Feb 4.00pm U10 #5 Winner #6 / #7 FBCT
Sat 19-Jan 5.00pm U10 Fondu Braatz 14-1
Sat 9-Feb 5.00pm U12 Olesen Fergie FC (U10) FBCT
Sat 19-Jan 6.00pm U14 Fondu Kupronis 1-8
Sat 9-Feb 6.00pm U12 Ataalsid Allison FBCT

Sun 20-Jan 2.00pm U6 Davidson Kuiper 1-8
Sun 10-Feb 2.00pm U6 Davidson Kuiper FBCT
Sun 20-Jan 2.45pm U6 Davidson Howard 5-8
Sun 10-Feb 2.45pm U6 Davidson Howard FBCT
Sun 20-Jan 3.30pm U14 Cooper Meadows 13-8
Sun 10-Feb 3.30pm U14 #1 #2 FBCT
Sun 20-Jan 4.30pm U8 Holmes Smith 2-12
Sun 10-Feb 4.30pm U14 #3 #4 FBCT
Sun 20-Jan 5.30pm U8 Kirouac Eaton 0-10
Sun 10-Feb 5.30pm U14 #5 #6 FBCT

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