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Futsal Rules of Play: Winter 2018


Futsal is played on a basketball court, with a futsal ball (a smaller and heavier ball than a regular soccer ball).


•  Although some contact is unavoidable, futsal is largely a non-contact sport. Legal contact shall not be careless, reckless or excessive.

•  There are no off-sides in futsal.


•  Players must wear flat soled tennis shoes or indoor soccer flats. No cleats.

•  All players must wear shin guards.

•  Players will not be allowed to wear any jewelry.

•  Teams must wear the same color shirts.

•  Home team must change color in the event of shirt color conflict.

•  Goalkeepers must wear a different color shirt from the other players.



•  3 players on the court, no goal keeper

•  Futsal Ball, size 3

•  All games are 15 minute halves - running clock

•  2 minute half-time

•  All games will have a referee.

U8, U10, U12, & U14:

•  5 players on the court, 4 + goal keeper

•  Futsal Ball, (U8 & U10: size 3, U12 & U14, size 4)

•  All games have a running clock. 22.5 minute halves.

•  3 minute half-time.

•  All games will have a referee.


•  Substitutions will be made on the fly and are unlimited.

•  Goalkeeper substitutions can only be made when the ball is out of play and the referee has given permission.


•  Home team has kickoff.

•  Opposing team waits outside of the center circle and the ball will be deemed in play once it has been touched.

•  Back kick is allowed. (Ball does not have to move forward past the center line.)



•  Ball will be out of play when it has wholly crossed the goal line or touchline.

•  If a ball goes out-of-bounds on the sidelines, then it will be a kick-in to restart play.

•  The ball will be placed on the sideline where it went out-of-bounds and the player will have 4 seconds to kick the ball back into play or it becomes opponent’s ball.

•  All kick-ins will be indirect. Defense must give 4 yards.

•  Balls out-of-bounds on the end lines for the offensive team will be a corner kick. Normal soccer rules apply. (Kick is direct.) Defense must give 4 yards.

•  Balls out-of-bounds on the end line for the defensive team will be a goalkeeper throw instead of a goal kick. (No punts or drop-kicks allowed.)

•  The goalkeeper will throw the ball in, in place of a goal kick. The ball must touch either a player or the floor prior to crossing half court. (See penalty below.)

•  Balls hitting the ceiling or lights is out of play. The play shall be restarted with a kick-in on the nearest touch line. The opposing team will take the kick-in.



•  The goalkeeper may not use his/her hands outside their own penalty area.

•  Keeper may slide in own penalty area but only when playing the ball.

•  Keeper may not kick the ball after releasing it until another player has played it (no punts or drop-kicks allowed).

•  The goalkeeper will throw the ball in place of a goal kick. No punts or drop-kicks allowed. The ball must touch either a player or the floor prior to crossing half court. An indirect free kick from the center mark is awarded to the opposing team if this does not happen.

•  Goalkeeper has 5 seconds to return ball to play.

•  The ball is not in play until it clears the penalty area. If the ball is received inside the penalty area, then the goalkeeper throw is taken again.



•  All foul restarts shall be awarded an indirect free kick, except for fouls that occur in the penalty area or fouls resulting from dangerous play.

•  Fouls will result in either an indirect free kick or a penalty kick. A penalty kick will be taken from the 6-meter mark.


•  There is no offside rule in futsal.


•  Due to time constraints, all games must begin and end as scheduled. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your kick-off. Please have your team on the floor and ready to play at the scheduled time.

•  At least 3 players per team are needed to start. Teams not ready to start their game may forfeit that game (recorded as 5-0) and have the game shortened.

•  If a team must wait for players, the game will be shortened accordingly to end at the scheduled time.

•  There will be no overtime for regular season games.

•  All players must play at least half of the game.


Please keep coaching to a minimum!!




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