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U5B Cone  Mon 5:00  4B
U5B Daoust  Tue 5:00  4C
U5B Fitzpatrick  Fri 5:00  4A
U5B Freeman  Mon 6:00  4D
U5B Murphy  Wed 5:00  4A
U5B Sergenton  Tue 6:00 4C
U5B Tyler  Thu 6:00  4D
U5B Woodliff  Wed 5:00  4C

U5/6G Gipe  Mon 5:00  4A
U5/6G Hodder Wed 6:00  4A
U5/6G Linsley  Thu 5:30  4E
U5/6G McKnight  Thu 6:00  4B
U5/6G Murray  Tue 6:00  4B
U5/6G Wells  Thu 5:00  4B

U6B Burrow  Mon 6:00  4C
U6B Goodno  Wed 6:00  4B
U6B Kirouac  Thu 6:00  4C
U6B Millican  Tue 6:00  4D
U6B Pierre  Thu 6:00  4A
U6B Sekeres  Wed 6:00  4C
U6B Washington  Thu 5:00 4D

U8B Boyd  T/F 5:30 5A
U8B Bull  T 5:30 1A, TH 5:30 5C
U8B Crawford  M/W 6:30 5B
U8B Hendricks  M/TH 6:30 1B
U8B Jay  M/TH 5:30 5A
U8B Lewis  T/TH 6:30 5C
U8B Lopez  T/TH 6:30 5D
U8B Maakaroun  W/F 6:30 5A
U8B Murphy, C  T/TH 5:30 5E
U8B Rogers  W/F 6:30 5D
U8B Scott (new team) W/F 5:30  5B
U8B Smith  T/TH 6:30 5E
U8B Welde  T/F 5:30 5C

U8G Billington  T/TH 5:30 5B
U8G Gilbert  T/TH 5:30 5D
U8G Kelley  T/TH 5:30 offsite
U8G Krause  T/TH 6:30 5B
U8G Murphy, J  T/TH 6:00 1D
U8G Parsons  M/TH 6:30 5A

U10B Amaya  M/W 6:00 1D
U10B Daly  M/W 6:00 3D
U10B Galligan  T/TH 6:15 1C
U10B Gibbs  T/TH 7:00 2D
U10B Tejani  M/W 6:00 3B
U10B Walker  T/TH 6:30 3B

U10G Bruso   M/TH 6:00 3A
U10G Hartman  T/TH 6:00 2D
U10G Hill  T/TH 6:00 6A
U10G Kokoth  T/F 5:30 1B
U10G Beggs  T/TH 5:30 2C

U12B Ellerman  M/W 7:30 2C
U12B Newman  T/TH 6:10 2B
U12B Ruckart  M/W 6:30 1C
U12B Fisher  M/W 6:00 2A
U12B Jessee  T/TH  5:30 3C

U12G Appleman/Priceman M/TH 6:30 6B
U12G Crick/Green  T/TH 6:30 2C
U12G Dewey  T/TH 6:30 3D
U12G Pierson  W/F 5:45 1B (Wed), 1A (Fri)

U14B Gold / Buechner:  M/W 7:00-8:30, F2A&B

U14B Green / Monferdini: M/TH 7:00-8:30, F3A&B

U14G Appleman:  M/TH 6:30-8:00, 6C&D

U16G Barnes: T/TH 7:00-8:30, 2A&B

U19B Gold / Owen: T/TH, 7:30-9:00, 3C&D

U19B Green: M/W, 7:30-9:00, 3C&D

Academy Jr:  M/W, 5:30, 2C&D

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